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The top photo was taken on Beltane, and the bottom one was taken on Samhain last year. I just love them. Two of my favourite pictures in the world.

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Anonymous: do you have a spell for self-forgiveness?


Purpose: To forgive yourself and find peace. 

You Will Need: The Fool from a Tarot deck, or a copy of it. A photo of yourself. A ribbon, bag or piece of cloth. A candle.

Notes: Just a suggestion, the New Moon is a great time for letting things go.

Step One - Place your photo of yourself face-down atop the Tarot card, so that the two are facing one another. Wrap them in cloth, tie them together, or slip them into a bag and cinch it closed. Recite:

As the snake sheds its skin,
and the Fool starts anew,
I ask for forgiveness
for myself, long overdue. 

Step Two - Place the card and photo in front of your candle and light it. Recite:

By witch and image and Fool,
bathed in brand new light,
I banish my judgement cruel,
and set my mind aright. 

Step Three - Put the card and photo under your pillow or mattress and leave it undisturbed for a full moon cycle. 

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A shrine for the spirits.

Read more on Garden of Proserpine (my Wordpress blog) : https://gardenofproserpine.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/a-shrine-for-the-spirits/

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some beginner’s tarot resources


start here:

where to find spreads:


  • blog.hellboundwitch.com → pagan and witch blog with a huge number of spreads, techniques and other tarot goodies.
  • tarotgram.tumblr.com → affiliate blog of instagram @tarotgram. loads of spreads, a card of the day, and other easy to approach tarot info
  • 78nightsoftarot.tumblr.com → the idea behind this blog, from what i can tell, is informative posts based on classic tarot as well as dream interpretation


  • the Aeclectic Tarot → an extensive collection of tarot information, including a masterlist of decks (with links to where they can be purchased)
  • the Aeclectic Tarot Forum → a message board style collaboration of tarot info
  • Learning the Tarot → a complete course to traditional tarot interpretation by Joan Bunning


  • the author Helena Patterson. her Celtic tarot deck is lovely, but in my experience, any accompanying literature has no foundation in historical fact.
  • anything that feels wrong or doesn’t resonate with you. for example, if traditional meanings aren’t making sense, try interpreting the cards more intuitively. if you’re getting nothing from winging your symbolism, research some common meanings of cards. 

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A quick and dirty chart to tarot cards and their common meanings. Be open to different interpretations of these words. Researching deeper into the meaning of each card is recommended if things are still unclear, or these definitions aren’t jiving with you.

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Short Recommended-Reading List for New Pantheists


  • Carl Sagan’s, Pale Blue Dot
  • Paul Harrison’s, Elements of Pantheism
  • David Suzuki’s, The Sacred Balance
  • Books by Tom Brown, Jr.
  • Books by Alan Watts and Thich Nhat Hanh
  • The Tao Te Ching
  • Books about Theravada, Zen, or basic Buddhist philosophies, as Tibetan and certain Chinese and Japanese traditions seem to involve a lot of gods
  • The writings of Heraclitus, Giordano Bruno, Baruch Spinoza, Marcus Aurelius, Ralph Waldo Emerson…
  • Books about Stoic and neo-Platonic philosophies
  • Books by Atheists, keeping in mind that certain authors can seem somewhat cynical about, or hostile toward pantheistic worldviews

Keep in mind, as well, that pantheistic philosophy can (though not necessarily) be hidden behind religious vocabulary.

Pantheism doesn’t see God as being in everything—that’s the perspective of panentheists, who see God as immanently imbuing everything with its essence. Pantheism, on the other hand, sees all things collectively as God—the difference between God being in, or overseeing, everything, and everything being God.

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The Suit of Wands



The suit of wands is associated with the element of Fire, the season of Summer, and the East. Wands represent our spirit and life-force energy. When Wands appear they will indicate matters deriving from will-power, attitude, or integrity. The court cards are quite abrasive and rash—impulsive, animated, and domineering.

The Wand symbol:

Magical weapon representing the magician’s will. The wand represents the Chiah (life force) part of the soul, and the Qabalistic world of Atziluth (archetypal world). 6

Suit of Wands Card Meaning Summary

Ace of Wands - Spirit of Fire
The initiate of will-power, dominance, and passion. At the beginning of its path we are unknowing to what powers may come to be but we know it lies within the world of Atziluth.

Two of Wands - Mars in Aries - “Dominion”
Conflict of interest. Opposing forces. Dual for dominance.

Three of Wands - Sun in Aries - “Virtue”
Morality, belief, strength. Pride or maybe even arrogance.

Four of Wands - Venus in Aries - “Completion”
A goal achieved. A moment of rest after great work.

Five of Wands - Saturn in Leo - “Strife”
Quarreling, arguing, competition.

Six of Wands - Jupiter in Leo - “Victory”
Success, pride, dominance. Rulership and satisfaction.

Seven of Wands - Mars in Leo - “Valour”
Mutiny. Standing your ground against uprising forces. Having the upper-hand over others.

Eight of Wands - Mercury in Sagittarius - “Swiftness”
Haste and long-strides. Freedom, communication, violence, boldness.

Nine of Wands - Moon in Sagittarius - “Strength”
Stone-wall defense. Recovery and strength.

Ten of Wands - Saturn in Sagittarius - “Oppression”
Burdened by opposing force or responsibility. Struggle to survive.

Princess of Wands - Innocent - Intuitive, Thinking - Introverted, Perceiving
Independent, dramatic, and enthusiastic. The honest persona of the suit of Wands as derived from the ace.

Prince of Wands - Youthful - Intuitive, Thinking - Extroverted, Perceiving
Brash, loyal, and generous. He is quite obvious in his actions, but they are bold nonetheless. Similar to the personality of Leo.

Queen of Wands - Mature - Intuitive, Thinking - Introverted, Judging
Attractive, steady, and domineering. Her strength appears in ways unexpected. Similar to the personality of Aries.

Knight of Wands - Shrewd - Intuitive, Thinking - Extroverted, Judging
A very active individual. Fierce, or brutal, he can be violent if you keep him from his goal. Similar to the personality of Sagittarius.